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Barcode scanner maintenance

1, anti fall. The internal structure of bar code scanner is composed of decoder component and the motherboard, these components are precision components, so when in use, should try to avoid a fall from a height, especially the glass component barcode scanner, once broken, it will make the dust entering into the barcode scanner.
2, anti force pull. Bar code scanner is a wire rod and bar code gun itself together, often pull the wire, easy to make the connection loose, in the scanning of poor contact and so on,
3. Always clean the glass block.

Bar code scanner troubleshooting

1, Problem Description: LED is not bright, no beep, no laser.
Possible reasons: the power of the scanning gun is blocked, the scanner gun is not energized or the data line interface is loose, and the contact is bad.
Solution: check the gun, wire, make sure the computer power supply is normal, and the data line re connect with the scanner once.
2, Problem Description: scanner scan, beep normal, no data transmission.
Possible reason: incorrect setting of scanner gun; bad wire
Solution: see instructions to make sure that the corresponding data lines are set correctly.
3, Problem Description: after the serial line, no data transfer reading code.
Possible reasons: not set to serial mode or communication protocol error.
Solution: scan the serial port mode to set the serial mode, reset the correct communication protocol.
4, Problem Description: scan gun reading normal, but no beep.
Possible reason: Mute set
Solution: scan the buzzer “open” Settings

How to use barcode scanner?

1, the most basic is the commodity bar code (that is, one-dimensional code) scanning function, take a package on the bar code products. Click the scan button, and scan the window to adjust the frame to the bar code. Click the start scan button to scan it.
2, about scanning two-dimensional code (currently support QRCode), first in the setup bar code type selection. Then it was the same sweep. Some users ask the system to automatically identify barcode types, eliminating the trouble of setting up. In fact, it’s easy to do, and so does many other scanning software.
3, that is, scanning the EMS bar code, but also a one-dimensional code, but as a result of relatively long, need some skills, practice a lot, I am sure I can do it! After scanning the bar code, the system will launch the package query interface to let you know some information about package delivery.
4, bar code scanning, you can look at other information. In the profile page, there are general commodity price information, real-time.

Barcode scanner

A barcode scanner that matches the target requirements is successfully selected. The user has three main criteria: work distance, label size and bar code density. The working distance refers to the distance between the scanner and tag scanning, scanning distance from zero to several feet (contact), scanning distance is determined by the bar code scanner; label size refers to the entire width of scan bar code; bar code can meet the minimum density to read or empty module width. These three factors are related to each other. For example, labels, sizes, and bars, empty modules, and larger barcodes can also support larger scan distances. Light pen, CCD barcode scanner, laser barcode scanner is different in performance, and have different price and use cycle, in every way, users have different considerations.

Barcode scanner interface type

SCSI (small computer standard interface)
The maximum number of connections to this interface is 8, usually the maximum transmission speed is 40M/S, faster, generally connected to high-speed equipment. The installation of SCSI devices is more complex, and SCSI cards are usually added to the PC, which is prone to hardware conflicts, but powerful.
EPP (enhanced parallel interface)
An enhanced bidirectional parallel transmission interface with a maximum transmission speed of 1.5Mbps. The advantage is that there is no need to use other cards in PC, the number of unlimited connections (as long as you have enough ports), and the installation and use of the device are easy. The disadvantage is that the speed is slower than SCSI. Because of the simple and convenient installation and use, this interface replaces the SCSI interface at the middle and low end.
USB (universal serial bus interface)
Up to 127 peripherals can be connected. The USB1.1 standard now has a maximum transmission speed of 12Mbps and an auxiliary channel for transmitting low speed data. In the future, if you have a USB2.0 standard barcode scanner, the speed may expand to 480M/s. With hot plug function, plug and play. The bar code scanner of this interface is gradually popularized with the establishment and popularization of USB standard under the pushing of Intel.
PS2 (keyboard interface)
And the usage of the USB almost requires a smart head change, the general will buy scanner with a. There are still many companies using PS2 interfaces

Barcode scanner classification

1 handheld barcode scanner. Handheld scanners, a technology developed in 1987, are shaped like a barcode scanner used by supermarket cashiers in their hands.
2 、 small drum type bar code scanner. This is the intermediate product of handheld barcode scanner peace desktop barcode scanner (in recent years the emergence of new, because it is a built-in power supply and small volume is called notebook barcode scanners) the vast majority of this product adopts CIS technology, optical resolution of 300dpi, there are two kinds of color and gray scale, color model is generally 24 bit color.
3 、 platform bar code scanner. Also known as flat bar code scanners, desktop bar code scanners, currently in the market, most of the bar code scanners are flat bar code scanners, is now the mainstream

Bar code scanner

A scanner is an instrument for a commercial POS system. There are two main categories. One is to use plain scanners and commercial scanners. Business is mainly divided into: CCD scanner, laser handheld scanner and full angle laser scanner three kinds.
First of all, we need to know what is resolution. Each bar code scanner has its optical resolution and maximum resolution. The unit of resolution is DPI, and DPI is the abbreviation of English Dot Per Inch, which means the number of pixels per inch. After you understand the meaning of resolution, let’s take a look at how important the following barcode scanner parameters are to us.

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